Corporates Membership

To obtain the international Canada Academy membership, these requirements must be meet :

  • The company must be registered in its native country following the local procedures
  • An appropriate location for the company allowing the ability to provide the training services.
  • Among the company’s team work, there must be a certified trainer from International Canada Academy.
  • Payment of fees and shipping expenses.


Privileges of corporation membership:

 The corporation will be the official representant of   our services in its own country.

 Issue of certifications for the trainees from International Canada Academy for all specialities with the possibility of notarization a Canadian legal notary and the ministry of foreign affairs after payment of the notarization fees.

 Organize specialization courses and training programmes for your customers in any part of the world.

 Provide admission services in Canadian Universities and colleges.



Joining the International Canada Academy means strengthening your path with experts in the field of development and consulting.


International Canada Academy

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